Cyber experts warn of phishing attacks during internet safety month

Phishing attempts aren't new, but experts say criminals are getting smarter to take your personal information
Posted at 9:49 AM, Jun 21, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-21 10:49:22-04

MILWAUKEE — June is internet safety month, and with new technology emerging daily, the I-Team talked to cyber experts about how you can keep your personal information safe.

Cyber security experts at Valor Technologies in Milwaukee told the I-Team, no one is immune to getting phishing attacks.

"This actually happened to me a week ago," Valor Tech President, Bryan Sevener, said.

Sevener got a text message saying his card was used to buy a Macbook Pro, with a number to call if it "wasn't a real purchase."

"I called the phone number they asked me to call, and it didn't come up as an Amazon number. I actually reached out to Amazon," Sevener explained.

Turns out, it was a phishing text. It's something Sevener said they're seeing more frequently than ever before. He said cybercriminals are after two things.

"A cybercriminal is anybody trying to get information or get access to your systems. Phishing attempts [are] really to get access to your personally identifiable information, social security, emails, passwords," Sevener said.

Phishing attempts can come as a text message from a provider you use like Amazon or your bank. It could also be an email using another company's logos, or it could be a phone call. All in the hopes of taking advantage of you quickly to get your information. Sevener said he recommends being skeptical about any message you receive.

"I think you should question every link that you get. Go and verify it with the company. If you work with a bank, contact your bank and ask if this is a legitimate message from them," Sevener said.

To verify, don't use the information in the message sent to your device. Go to the business's website and find contact information there. If you do fall victim to a phishing attack, don't panic.

"Check your bank accounts regularly. Change your passwords. A good preventative measure is to make sure you have different passwords for your logins," Sevener recommended.

Having several passwords can be overwhelming, but experts recommend using an app like Keeper Password Manager. That way, your passwords, and accounts are secure.

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